The pond is complete. Stage 1 anyway.

We spent yesterday afternoon finishing off digging the pond. Orik slept, Jasper and Allegra got muddy and helped and I dug dug dug. Today I ache ache ache. 😦

Look, mud!

Look, “snakes!” (Allegra collecting worms to bury in the vegetable garden)

But the pond is dug. I am stoked. I need to finish off building up one of the walls, get a small layer of sand in the bottom to level it completely and then I can line it with pond liner and then I can start filling it. 😀 I also finished off the drain inlet. Our road is a small one with a hill and there are few houses, none past us so there is not too much traffic and a good slope for run off. I intend to harvest that run off to fill the pond, then the overflow will run off through the swales/hugelkultur beds before draining into the creek. I may have another small pond in there somewhere too but I’m not sure yet.

Tipping mud int the inlet run for stomping.

Tipping mud int the inlet run for stomping.

The kids had a ball digging up the sloppiest stickiest balls of clay they could find to glue set in place the overflow pipe too. Their clothes might need a wash though. The kids also made excellent stompers. The bottom of the pond was pretty churned up but sending 2 kids round and round to as self-imposed chant of ” stomp stomp stomp stomp” worked a treat. They had a ball, the pond got well stomped and flattened and it kept them out of my hair occupied them whilst I sorted out the inlet. 😉

IMG_6224 IMG_6225 IMG_6226 IMG_6227 IMG_6228 IMG_6229 IMG_6230

I am so proud of their work and of our effort. 🙂



One thought on “The pond is complete. Stage 1 anyway.

  1. Awesome work! I love how Jasper used his back to get a nice smooth base to the pond . . . 😉
    It looks pretty deep, too. Good job, all of you!

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