Father’s Day

Martin, if you are reading this then…

DON’T! 😉


I learned something this morning. Father’s Day in the UK, Canada and the USA all falls on a different date than Australia. Mother’s Day is different too I believe. Here in Australia, Father’s Day falls on the first Sunday in September. This year that is September 1st. 13 days away. Eek!

So, what to get for the most awesome father I know that is also in line with eco principles and anti-consumerism too. Well the obvious place to start is home made or second hand. Not helping much. Home made for me means something the KIDS make for their daddy. After all, Martin isn’t MY father and he doesn’t want a gift I’ve made for the kids to give him. Nor does he want something bought from a shop just to satisfy society’s demand we give him a gift.

So, thinking caps on to Pinterest we go. 😉 I am in desperate need of some inspiration I can tell you. And so far, Pinterest has been, most unusually, disappointing. Mostly though, that is due to the combination of having 3 children who are, after all, very young and also a husband that needs for nothing really, aside from time that is. He doesn’t play golf, eat chocolate, read a lot of books, play computer games or most of the other things that Dad’s stereotypically do. He is a musician though but a practical gift related to music that would be appreciated would only be to give him time. “Hey kids, let’s leave Daddy home alone today as a Father’s Day gift” just doesn’t cut the mustard though. 😦 (Although writing that line has triggered a memory of a man who does enjoy eating mustard. 😉 )

So, I’m putting this out there now in the hopes of some ideas that can be shared. Any great ideas for an eco friendly homemade Father Day?


10 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I’m thinking they could make him a small book. Something like, “Fathers Are…” Give them structured guidelines because they are little so ask them questions for the book like Fathers are….? My Dad looks like….? His favourite thing is…..? He always……? Possibly too late to get this done and have printed into a book style with photos and drawings like Blurb but you could still do it your own way. Sounds simplistic but when I ask Craig his favourite gifts are always about the things the children made and still to this day the memories make him smile. Whenever I come across little notes or stories in my drawers I pause and smile too. Simple but truly a gift that lasts and lasts.

    • I remember the mothers day gifts that were a family day or a homemade gift. My favourite was actually the first gift Jas made at play group, a book mark. 🙂 As an avid reader it suited me to a tee as well. 🙂
      I don’t think I’d have the time to get it printed off but I’ll look into it. And I agree, homemade is the way to go. 🙂

  2. Hi Jessie and kids. A couple of years back, Ben hand made a book of cheques that I could cash in during the year. It had things on it like Help Dad in garden for 30 minutes, or Make Dad one cup of coffee, or Help clean out the chook house for 1 hour. You get the idea. It felt really great to get this little book of promises, and I did cash a few in and Ben delivered them all with a smile. Great being a Dad in this family 🙂

    • I remember making them as a kid. Not sure I’d have muh luck with a 5 or 3.5 year old making good on them and Mr 2 would only be good for cuddles but I’ll ask Jas and see what he thinks. 🙂 Great idea. 🙂

  3. There is sometimes snow left on our mountain, and we take dad for a day in the snow, tobogganing with the kids, drinking hot chocolate. His daughters make him his favourite rocky road choc or fudge recipe. This year he is having a father-son golfing day (OK, maybe not so eco, but he already owns the clubs. And they haven’t had to water the greens at all recently here in Tas!) He is going with another dad and his son, and all us girls are getting together for girlie afternoon tea. Everyone wins. Then dad gets to choose dinner and have a nap in front of the telly instead of helping clean up. Simple pleasures!

    • Simple pleasures sound lovely. Sadly we’re at least 2.5 hours from the mountains although it was snowing near Ballan today I hear.
      It sounds like a lovely day planned though. And golf is outdoors at least. Here’s hoping the weather is kind. 🙂

  4. Hmmmm im thinking that since he gets up so so early on weekdays and then goes wood chopping on weekend, a big sleep in would be great with breaky by kids. Being quiet would definitely be a big effort on their part. A pair of earmuffs with home made fluffy covers and a matching eye mask that he can open then go back to sleep for the morning while you and the kids go for a big long morning walk to get daddy a yummy loaf of bread (olive bread) to have with a big soup for lunch. Maybe a new photo for his wallet of the kids, they are growing so fast and they could do dress ups – Fun activity for you as well.

    • Photo in his wallet? Not sure he has one. Iphones nearly negate the need though hey. Sourdough olive bread can easily be baked – thanks for the idea. As for me cooking weekends, he’s just taken on that job and as far as I know he loves to cook. Not sure he’d appreciate me stepping in there. 😉 But having a “mystery” casserole for him to bung in the oven might work for Sunday dinner. Indian curry of course. 🙂 thanks for the ideas.

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