Where does food come from?

I thought I’d ask Jasper and see if he knew where food came from, fully expecting him to reply “the supermarket”. Well I am pleased to report that there is indeed hope for the future. 😀

After the initial and usual “I don’t know” he replied with the following.

“From trees”

“From animals”

“From flowers.”

“From pigs. Bacon.”

Then with a little prompting and reminding him about the spud we planted yesterday in one of our hugelkultur beds…

“Under the ground.”

Mighty impressed. 😀

All photos courtesy of Morguefile.com


4 thoughts on “Where does food come from?

  1. Sorry, Narfie7; that stuff ain’t food; it’s (at best?) only ‘food products’. Not fit for compost, even . . .

    Seriously, this gives me hope for the future . . . well done, Jas!

    • Yeah, I was well impressed with him and seriously it took little prompting from me. I’m so glad to know he truly understands where his food originates. I just wish he ate it! 😉
      As for Maccas being food products I used to have nicknames for some of their menu. Potatoes in a past life = fries (or hash browns too) and yellow plastic = cheese are 2 I can remember at the moment. I think there were little macs too. Can’t call them big anymore. 😦

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