Whatten if we chopped down all the trees

Jasper loves to question everything. I mean, most kids at his age do but Jeez Louise can he ask questions! 😉

Whatten if…

often followed by

But whatten if…

And again…

“Whatten if” is an abbreviation of “What happens if” if you were wondering. 🙂

Today’s question of the day (and its  not yet 9am) was

Whatten if we chopped down all the trees?

Simple answer from me.

We would all die.

I should have guessed this one was coming.

But why?

I explain that when we breathe out we breathe out a gas called carbon dioxide. Trees like to breathe in carbon dioxide and they breathe out oxygen. Guess what we breathe in…?

Oxygen. 🙂

I know its simplified but for a 5 and a 4-year-old it’s enough for understanding. They understand now the importance of trees I think. 🙂

This has come about as Martin and I have spent the last 3 days chopping down trees, dicing up the logs and mulching the smaller branches. No, I don’t believe he thinks we’re killing him but I can definitely follow the logic behind him asking since we’ve talked about chopping down all the poplars (and we fully intend to remove ALL of them) in order to stop their runners under our house and everywhere. We will replant other trees when the area is cleared of poplars but until then… I know the sequestered carbon will be released back into the atmosphere but I would much prefer trees that don’t endeavour to take over our world. 🙂 We will most definitely include the kids in the replanting to help them understand the cycle and also the importance of trees that provide us with food. 🙂

I wonder though if we need to re-educate our politicians and big corporation leaders on the simple truths of the world. If they chop down all the trees and use up all the resources then we will all die.


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