Far far too long

It’s been FOREVER since I last posted here. Been too long between posts over at Rabid Little Hippy too, but life and all that. 😉

This is just a quick post to share a book I’ve come across in my online reading.

The Permaculture Student.

Finally, permaculture for kids! The book is written with primary aged children in mind. Same permaculture principles, same theory, just scripted for their easier understanding! I emailed Matt Powers, the writer a few weeks ago and ordered a copy of the book plus its accompanying workbook and I look forward to working through the book with my Pint Sized Permies. 🙂

The Permaculture Student 1 Textbook & Workbook (2 books)



All tied up

Playschool this week had a segment through the windows where some kids were tie dyeing fabric. When we were on Home Education camp earlier this year the kids had the opportunity to tie dye their camp fest t-shirts and they had a lovely time. However, this time we were a little short on fabric dye. A quick look on Google revealed we did indeed have dye that can be used to dye cotton and so we prepared. Continue reading

CampFest – A home education family camp

From March 17th to the 21st my entire family booked in for a small holiday. We have been considering a holiday to Tassie to meet up with a blogging friend or two but expenses added up to too much but when a fellow home educating friend suggested a home education camp CampFest at Hilltop Resort in Swan Hill, we thought it sounded great. A week away with other people on a similar journey to us, at least on the education side of things. Continue reading